Lee Cox

Lee Cox

Director of Golf

As a PGA Fellow Professional, Lee Cox is ranked in the top 3% of the UK’s PGA Professionals. He achieved this status in September 2012 for his consistent excellence in coaching, with star pupil Joe Miller becoming World Long Drive Champion.

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Lee brings a vast array of golf coaching skills to the Academy at The Shire London, and teaches all levels of golf from beginners to Tour pros. He also has a background in sports psychology.

“Swing methods come and go but the laws of physics have not changed since time began. You either deliver the club correctly or you do not! Through the many thousands of lessons I have given, I have learnt what works and what does not. To maximise your potential you must improve all parts of your game; long game, short game, course management and psychology. It has been my privilege to teach the whole game of golf, encompassing all the latest technologies that enables people to reach their goals. I always enjoy meeting new pupils, and working with them to improve their game.”
Lee Cox, 2013.

Find out more at www.leecoxgolf.co.uk.

Harry Casey - The Shire London

Harry Casey

PGA Professional

As an ex-England international and playing various professional events all over the world Harry brings a wealth of playing experience to his coaching methods.

Harry has a passion for junior development and working with players of all ages and abilities.
Steve Harris

Stephen Harris


During his training as a PGA Professional Steve achieved a Diploma in Sports Science at Birmingham University, and over the last seven years has also studied Golf Bio-Mechanics.

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Along with his Strength & Conditioning background, Steve can also teach you out personal nutrition, and particularly the Paleo diet. You can call Steve on 07740 304066 to find out how he can help you. www.spharris.com

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