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At the turn of the Millennium the Menai-Davis family invited Severiano Ballesteros to visit England to look at a large piece of land north of London, on which they planned to create a spectacular golf course.



In 2001, just 72 hours after Seve’s first visit, a deal was agreed. Shortly afterwards, the Spanish maestro and his Trajectory team set about creating what would become The Shire London.

The family’s concept was to build a golf course and clubhouse which would mirror what the name Severiano Ballesteros stood for in terms of excitement, enjoyment of the game, and accessibility for all.

Tony Menai-Davis and Seve Ballesteros


Several key principles of golf course design, honed by the Spaniard at over 20 previous locations around the world, were applied: Seve’s insistence that there should be an even mix of par threes, fours and fives, and that no two consecutive holes should play to the same par, being but two examples.

The 18-hole Ballesteros Masters Course and the 9-hole Ballesteros Academy Course took shape over the next five years. Seve visited the site regularly in person throughout the build, making himself available constantly to answer questions regarding the design and build process, until the project’s completion in 2006.

Tony Menai-Davis and Seve Ballesteros


As the golf courses were taking shape, the family team was creating the infrastructure. Their goal: to make members, their guests and other visitors feel comfortable, relaxed, welcomed and at home in a spacious, stylish clubhouse with a full set of amenities, meetings & function spaces and changing facilities, without any of the stuffy formality which characterised other golf clubs in the area.

Clubhouse at The Shire London


On July 2nd 2007 The Shire London opened for green fees, having held a member’s weekend a month earlier. Finally, the world could experience Seve’s masterpiece. On September 4th 2007 Seve himself addressed the press at The Shire London, when dozens of members of the media joined the architect for a look at his new golf course for London – and for their first sight of the iconic ‘S’-shaped lake around the 18th green.

Golf Monthly, the leading British golf magazine, wrote a succinct summary: “Touched by the Hand of God”, it said.

The Menai-Davis family and Seve Ballesteros


In early 2017 Thomas Bjørn, the 2018 European Ryder Cup Captain, is appointed as Honorary Captain. He also personally hosted The Thomas Bjørn Trophy 2017. The competition was open to all golfers at The Shire London.

Thomas Bjørn and Tony Menai-Davis


On 30th June 2017, iconic DJ Trevor Nelson helped The Shire London and a host of friends to celebrate the club’s 10th Anniversary in great style. We plan to keep on innovating over the next ten years!

DJ Trevor Nelson at The Shire London's 10th anniversary

"I'm in the golf course design business. This is my future. I'd rather go to a place where there is nothing and design a golf course. This will be a good legacy for me to leave."

Seve Ballesteros winning The Masters
One of its kind

Later events would mean that, tragically, The Shire London will forever remain Severiano Ballesteros’ one and only full course design in the UK. The Ballesteros Masters Course is the sole example on these shores of how this charismatic sportsman could stamp his swashbuckling personality on a piece of land, turning it into a magical golfing challenge.

Golf is to be enjoyed – and ‘enjoy’ is the key word at The Shire London. Whether you are in the clubhouse, at the range, or playing our dramatic golf course which carries both the signature and the personality of one of world golf’s most popular icons, we want you to enjoy the thrill of competition, and the warmth of our welcome.

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