Lee Cox

Director of Golf

As a PGA Fellow Professional, Lee Cox is ranked in the top 3% of the UK’s PGA Professionals. He achieved this status in September 2012 for his consistent excellence in coaching, with star pupil Joe Miller becoming World Long Drive Champion.

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Lee brings a vast array of golf coaching skills to the Academy at The Shire London, and teaches all levels of golf from beginners to Tour pros. He also has a background in sports psychology.

“Swing methods come and go but the laws of physics have not changed since time began. You either deliver the club correctly or you do not! Through the many thousands of lessons I have given, I have learnt what works and what does not. To maximise your potential you must improve all parts of your game; long game, short game, course management and psychology. It has been my privilege to teach the whole game of golf, encompassing all the latest technologies that enables people to reach their goals. I always enjoy meeting new pupils, and working with them to improve their game.”
Lee Cox, 2013.

Find out more at www.leecoxgolf.co.uk.

Chris Whitelegg


Senior Professional Chris Whitelegg has lowered the handicaps of hundreds of golfers, and is one of only 30 authorised ‘Golf Machine’ pros in England.

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“A good golf swing is about doing less to achieve more. Teach your hands to follow, rather than lead.”
Chris Whitelegg, GSEB Teaching Professional, The Shire London

The Golfing Machine is a classic textbook on the golf swing. Written in the 1950s by Homer Kelly, many regard it as the ultimate teaching manual. As relevant today as it was back then, almost every modern style of golf coaching can be traced back to The Golfing Machine – which is neither a method nor a system, but a detailed study of how the swing works. Find out more at www.cwgolf.co.uk.

Chris’s teaching style reflects the knowledge he has gained both through The Golfing Machine concept, and through years of teaching adults and youngsters. Chris has a talent for explaining swing physics and geometry in simple ways which anyone – of any age – can easily grasp. Many of his pupils have gone onto become County level golfers, and most have reduced their handicaps significantly. Chris’s achievements with Junior golfers are especially spectacular; he truly excels in this sometimes challenging area. He is a Herts County Junior Golf Coach. Chris uses a range of Golf Machine teaching aids, designed to create simple movements which promote a better golf swing.

Ceri Menai Davis


Having represented Hertfordshire golf union from the age of 13, captaining the boys team, being an R and A scholar for University and representing Wales Universities, Ceri turned pro in 2007 with a BA Hons in Applied Golf Management Studies from the University of Birmingham and The Professional Golfers Association. He took to teaching golfers a method that involves Sports science, bio mechanics and the latest golf techniques.

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Starting from winter 2017 Ceri is now specialising in offering short game and putting solutions to all golfers of all abilities. Having studied the Putting Masterclass with renowned tour putting coach Phil Kenyon and learnt short game techniques from the best in the game, Ceri can bring your game up to par.

Tom Phillips


Tom Phillips is the newest member of our professional team. He completed his PGA foundation degree in 2015 and graduated as a PGA Professional in 2016.

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Tom has competed in many regional, national and international PGA tournaments and has has had a number of successes to date, most notably winning the 2017 PGA East region Qualifying School and being picked to represent Wales at the 2016 European PGA championships in Bulgaria.

Alongside his playing commitments, Tom has developed his coaching knowledge and philosophy, through attending various coaching seminars and courses. Tom uses his understanding of modern ball flight laws, biomechanics the latest GC2 HMT launch monitor to help his students identify the areas for improvement within their technique and how these improvements can then be made.

Tom also uses the V1 Pro academy software in his lessons, which enables him to give voiceover feedback on any video content captured during a lesson. This is then sent to the student for them to review whenever they want.



Olly Foster is recognised as one of the UK’s leading personal trainers.

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With over 16 years experience, a degree in Nutrition & Health and a TPI certified Golf Fitness Instructor, he knows exactly what it takes to get you looking and feeling your best whilst improving your overall golf performance.

After an initial bio mechanical screening assessment with Olly, he will be able to identify what limitations are holding you back and use this information to create a training and diet plan suited specifically to your needs.

Get in touch with Olly via the main Reception on 020 8441 7649 or email him at ollyfitness@gmail.com

Stephen Harris


During his training as a PGA Professional Steve achieved a Diploma in Sports Science at Birmingham University, and over the last seven years has also studied Golf Bio-Mechanics.

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Along with his Strength & Conditioning background, Steve can also teach you out personal nutrition, and particularly the Paleo diet. You can call Steve on 07740 304066 to find out how he can help you. www.spharris.com

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