The Shire London Rookie Club

The Rookie Club is a unique blend of learning and enjoyment. It is the culmination of 25 years of coaching youngsters.

Constantly adapting and changing to make it better it continues to evolve to this day. With a simple 7 stage certificate course and monthly competitions, everyone gets the opportunity to do well. This is the cornerstone of my teaching philosophies, to improve the the understanding of individuals through empowerment. Helping to understand simple laws of physics and geometry and how they apply directly to golf.



If you hit a bad shot, knowing that when you approach the next shot, you know what to do right rather what have you just done wrong.

Building self esteem is a priority, writing to schools to tell them about someone’s progress is a great way of building confidence, which then filters through all aspects of life. My involvement as a herts county coach and as an expert disability teacher has reinforced my core beliefs , anyone can learn this great game, but it must be fun.

To enquire about our Rookie Club please call 020 8440 4009.

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